Radha Mohan Singh approved the creation of the National Organic Farming Research Institute (NOFRI) in Gangtok, Sikkim.

Sikkim is a fully organic state, which means all agriculture in the state is chemical fertilizer/pesticide-free through state legislation. This makes the state an ideal location for further research on this practice.

The Institute

According to an official note:

The institute will undertake basic, strategic and adaptive research on efficient, economically viable and environmentally sustainable organic farming systems for improving productivity, resource use efficiencies and quality of produce.

Times of India reported that: “Required financial resources, manpower and infrastructure facilities will be made available accordingly.”


Organic farming is an important direction for the government to move to provide affordable and clean food products to the ever-growing population of India. Farming without expensive chemicals is both safer for the public and cheaper for the farmers. While there are financial costs associate with growing 0rganicly, the benefit of being environmentally safe is an important consideration for future expansion of organic farming in India.

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  • sharmishtha basu

    This is a great step. Hope other state administratotions follow him. Will be a blessing for us and environment.

  • Soha

    he’s taking a very big step. keeping finger crossed for the others to join him as well. his this step can be a whole good for our surrounding… I give him all my support

  • Bhusan Mukhia

    The step taken by the Sikkim government to make it an organic state has certainly borne fruits.I hope the other states will follow by example and soon make India as a whole an organic country.

  • mattupally tusharika

    building technology vastly doesn’t give food to our stomach…i hope we indians shud concentrate on agriculture side to bring forward our nation .

  • maheshwari vickyraj

    Agriculture has been a strong pillar since a very long time in our country and the government must give equal importance to agriculture or even for that matter the food industry so that we enhance what we are good at and excel in it. Going organic would benefit us in the long run in terms of good health and good health means more productivity in terms of work source.

    • Additionally, organic farming is highly sustainable as it provides environmental protection. The nutrients remain without fertilisers, further enriching the food source. Without a shortage of nutrients, there is less competition and therefore less natural selection and domination of some species, thereby promoting biodiversity. Sikkim is a beautiful Himalayan state with many species, such as the newly discovered pika rabbit, found in 2016 as a major part of the local ecosystem. We should use organic farming not only for the health of us, the consumers but to protect India’s environment and diverse species.

  • Navyatha Sai Vyshnavi

    hoping that the other states also adopt organic farming. the government should give much importance in this matter as food is a vital source of livelihood. good health equal good work force. tremendous acclaim to sikkim for this matter

  • Yasika Basnett

    Glad to see my state has been a hot topic of whole of India. Sikkim is indeed a beautiful green state, it’s clean and hygenic. We the people of Sikkim put of efforts to keep the state clean and toxic free. Hope whole of India can learn a lesson from this and adapt our practices toward a healthy India


    It is a commendable step by the Government. A new green revolution is going to be introduced in the beautiful land. Other states should also opt for such healthy steps, which will surely help in growing a healthy nation.